Entrepreneurs, just do it!

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve most definitely heard of Richard Branson and probably read a few of his books. “Screw It, Let’s Do It” is one of Richard’s famous sayings if not the most popular.

In his words, “My motto really is: ‘Screw it – just do it!’ I know many people say ‘no’, or ‘let me think about it’, as an almost Pavlovian response when asked a question, whether it’s about something small and insignificant or big and revolutionary. Perhaps, they are over-cautious, or suspicious of new ideas, or simply need time to think.

But that’s not my way of going about things. If something is a good idea, my way is to say ‘Yes, I’ll consider it’ – and then to work out how to make it happen. Of course, I don’t say yes to everything. But what is worse: making the occasional mistake or having a closed mind and missing opportunities?”

According to Branson, you don’t have to sit on a business idea for years. There comes a time when you have to take actions. If you fail, you fail and hopefully, you would have learnt some lessons. If you succeed, well, success!

If you’re an entrepreneur who’s been thinking of launching a small business for quite some time now, it’s now or never. Just do it! Make the plunge. In an interview with Inc. Magazine, Branson says, “Most young people with good ideas… will find that 99 percent of people will give them every reason why their idea’s been done before or why it’s not a good idea or why they’re going to fall flat on their face,”

So, in 2021, Screw it and do it! Check our post on businesses you can start if you do not currently have an idea locked in.


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