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We are always looking to welcome innovative, dynamic and creative people to our dedicated team.

Who We Are

At Talku Talku we are guided by four key philosophies. We ‘think differently’, ‘create with confidence’, ‘stay innovative’, and ‘give 100%’ as we connect to the pain points of creatives and brands.

Our Core Values

Employee Benefits

We are a fully-remote creative agency offering a healthy and growth-focused work environment.

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Paid time off

We provide paid time off for when our employees require time off for health or other personal reasons

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Performance bonus

We reward outstanding performances to encourage our Parrots to continue giving 100% creative outputs.

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Additional compensation

Our Parrots earn more in commissions and other perks when they drive the company’s goals in the right direction.

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Flexible work schedule

Our Parrots always deliver excellent work whether they are currently working from home or anywhere else.

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Personal development

As a growth-conscious brand, we empower our parrots with self development resources.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We prioritise equal opportunities for all genders. Our Parrots are a blend of valuable creative women and men.

Application Processes

In just six steps, you can become a Parrot! Our application processes are fully online-based.

Pre-screening process

We will review/screen your CV and application. Then send you the Are We A Fit (AWAF) test if you’re a suitable match.

Are We A Fit? (AWAF) test

This is a 50-minute communication, personality and other basic test types to discover your personality, communication skills, etc.

First interview

This is like an intro to help you understand the position you’re applying for and to discuss your work experience in relation to the role.

Case study (based on role)

This is a skills-based challenge to show your skills, proficiency and how you'll manage real-life scenarios while performing your work duties.

Final interview

The final interview is more focused on technicalities and helping you to identify the competency required for the position.


Regardless of the outcome of your application processes (offer letter or rejection), we always provide feedback, and at every stage too.

Open Role(s)

Digital Marketing Executive
The Digital Marketing Executive is responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing the overall digital marketing strategy at Talku Talku.
Full TimeRemote

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