7 Ways To Overcome Inconsistency As A Creative

One of the significant issues in the creative space is the discussion around ways to overcome inconsistency. Inconsistency is a critical stumbling block among individuals in the creative world. Of course, creatives are talented beings empowered with a vast ability to deliver excellent tasks. Yet, despite such a great ability, some creatives still find themselves entangled in the web of consistency. This is why it is an immense frustration often echoed in the creative space. Such frustration often leads to the big question of how to overcome inconsistency.

Sometimes, one wonders how it’s possible that a creative stays afloat in the game for a minute and then plummets in terms of quality the next moment. It is hard to stay focused in this modern era due to the increasing trend of distractions in society today. To overcome inconsistency, a creative needs to master the art of focus.

However, consistency is a great art that can be mastered and learned. Achieving consistent results requires deliberate actions and sticking to some guides. This article comprehensively looks at how you, as a creative, can scale through the hurdle of inconsistency. Here are a few essential steps to follow.

  1. Admit your lapses
  2. Be persistent
  3. Develop a positive mindset
  4. Avoid distractions
  5. Take one step at a time
  6. Learn to be more organised
  7. Set a clear priority

1. Admit Your Lapses

The first step needed to overcome inconsistency is realising that you are less focused than you used to be. Next, you must evaluate your previous results and see how much you have lagged in certain aspects. An in-depth review of your last projects will undoubtedly give insights into how unfocused you might have been along the line and bring you to cautiousness and overcome inconsistency.

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Such a step is a good one in the right direction as you seek new ways to improve your creativity and maintain a steady streak of consistency.

Inconsistency isn’t a disease but rather a phase that requires a swing into actionable plans. In propounding a solution, you must admit whatever unsatisfied results you have been getting and work towards better results.

2. Be Persistent

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Persistence is such a great deal in every field of human endeavour. It doesn’t matter how much you stumble along the line and how distracted you are. You have to keep going. Taking a long pause or being passive won’t bring you desired outcomes. Every creative must develop a good habit of keeping their goals at heart. Such a habit helps to remain focused on every outlined activity. Of course, growth might not be evident in such instances, but it is inevitable in the long run.

3. Develop A Positive Mindset

Inconsistencies can be frustrating and demotivating, making you question your creative abilities and potential. But you must have a positive notion in order to overcome inconsistency. As you ponder your sudden lack of focus and how to overcome inconsistency, you must be optimistic about your chances of overcoming it in no time. Positive affirmations of getting improved results will help keep you on the path of self-growth and development.

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Thinking positively will help discredit all negative perceptions of how bad you have been. A famous saying is that “your results are the product of your thoughts and actions”.

 4. Avoid Distractions

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Distractions play a big part in getting inconsistent results. It can keep a creative mind off a set goal and deadline. Distractions could be in any form. It may involve paying serious attention to things that matter less. To overcome inconsistency, you must have an outlined plan and deadline for every task or activity. Adhering to such outlines help pays maximum attention to all that must be done or executed. A firm resolve against distraction is undoubtedly a significant move in getting consistent and quality results as a creative.

5. Take one step at a time

Multitasking is a great skill, but it can also be a reason for the chronic inconsistency. There is a limited chance of achieving success by focusing on multiple tasks or projects at once. Handling one job at a time will help direct attention to such a project and limit the chances of divided attention and distractions. With a strong desire to improve in one area, there are better chances of succeeding.

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 6. Learn to be more organised. 

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As a creative, it is essential to be well-organised. A tremendous organisational skill is an excellent recipe for a focused mind. It makes every needed detail available at your fingertip at the right time. It saves you the time to pay attention to less necessary things that might distract you. Getting organised puts you on the right track to attaining your goals and objectives. The benefits of being organised are so enormous and incredible, and they are crucial for helping you overcome inconsistency.

A disorganised creative is highly vulnerable to distractions and will likely experience lags and delays in executing projects. In scaling the stumbling block of inconsistency, it is essential to be organised and arrange things orderly.

 7. Set a Clear Priority

Of course, every project is essential as long as it has an outlined goal and objectives. It would be best if you got your priorities right in finding the perfect solution to overcome inconsistency. Outlying tasks based on their order of importance will help define each job. This gives you an excellent knowledge of how much creativity and energy every task requires. Many creatives often Shuffle between projects with no clear goal and objectives of what is needed.

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Setting a clear priority helps arrange given tasks according to importance. You must be ready to get your preferences right to improve your creativity to avoid getting entangled in the web of inconsistency.


The begging question of how to overcome inconsistency is popular in the creative world. Every creative desires a steady streak of creating magic and delivering quality tasks but sometimes tends to lose focus and get distracted. Inconsistency is undoubtedly a product of distraction and loss of focus. It is a significant stumbling block in the creative space that requires deliberate and cautious efforts to get rid of. Nevertheless, getting a consistent result is possible; the emphasis must always be on implementing and following the points mentioned earlier.


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