At the very core of societal evolution, across all walks of life, is creativity

Whether in the advancement of science, technology or entertainment!

We aspire to be the largest propeller of creative energy in Nigeria!

Who We Are

To attain our vision of becoming the largest propeller of creative energy in Nigeria, we leverage four key philosophies. We ‘think differently’, ‘create with confidence’, ‘stay innovative’, and ‘give 100%’ as we connect to the pain points of creatives and brands.

We help brands and creatives tell their stories and deliver value to their audience – one product, one solution at a time.

Our Core Values

Why We Exist

We appreciate the immense role creativity plays in bringing our world to life and driving advancement. As a team, our mission is to always leverage existing and emerging digital media technologies to help creatives and brands shape their narrative and deliver compelling stories that drive desired outcomes.

We achieve this through our proficiency in content development, production and management while extending our expertise to building a resourceful community that enhances the ability of creatives and brands to better tell their stories and amplify their outcomes

The Parrot and us

The parrot as our mascot embodies the core of Talku Talku in many ways including our ability to attentively learn our creatives’ and customers’ pain-points, and be creative in the solutions we offer them.

In Nigeria, the parrot is also synonymous to talkative, or in a professional form, communicative. In staying true to our connection with this smart bird, we adopted the Pidgin word for talkative: ‘Talku Talku’.

Meet The Team


Business Operations Manager


Creative Solutions Director


Creative Solutions Consultant


Creative Solutions Consultant


Associate Creative Executive


Associate Solutions Consultant

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Talku Talku

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