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How Zodara Introduced Salitos Drinks to Their Guests With a Clear Feedback Mechanism

Zodara’s Salitos tasting event aimed for direct guest feedback. With discreet QR codes on bottles, guests scanned and shared thoughts seamlessly. Over 80% engagement yielded valuable product insights, enhancing the tasting experience.
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Establishing the premise to taste

The Zodara team was looking to introduce the Salitos drinks at their location. They didn’t want just another launch party. It was more important for them to connect with their guests and get a direct sense of how they perceived the flavours.

To pull this off, they reached out to our team to help them design the right campaign to deliver on their set objective. For us, it was important that the experience of such an event was not watered down while we stayed focused on achieving results.

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Foundational work to deliver the campaign for Zodara's Salitos tasting party

After the discovery session with the Zodara team, our creative team returned to work. Our first port of call was how we effectively measured feedback in such an environment without disturbing guests while they enjoyed their experience.

We understood the launch party will happen in at the Zodara lounge and in the evening. The mood for most people in such settings is to drink, converse and dance if the music is right.

However, our analysis of the location established that Zodara, Abuja, typically attracted a younger, savvy crowd who are mostly digitally native or well-versed. For most of the guests, we established that they interacted with their mobile devices at least once throughout their stay at the location.

Furthermore, we noted that these guests will likely post their ongoing experiences on social media at the location. Thus, we knew most would have internet-enabled devices. We were ready to assemble our campaign ideas with these findings in mind.

How we helped Zodara gauge their guests' tastebuds in a decisive way

Since the evening focused on the tasting of the Salito flavours, we created a bespoke QR code design that could easily be placed on the bottle without defacing the branding and design. Our QR code design was nicely placed on limited Salito bottles, enough to get the number of engagements we needed to garner feedback.

As guests were served by the bar, they were informed of the QR code at the back of the bottle and nudged to scan and share thoughts at any time throughout the evening. As the event heightened, guests were asked about their experience, which was also tailored to the night’s fun.

By being immersed in the experience, they were keen to scan and share feedback on the Salito flavour they had consumed.

The result: Zodara gave their guests a tasting experience while getting product insight!

Our QR-code placed bottles were scanned by over 80% of the guests who were offered the bottle. And 65% of the guests who scanned rated their perception of the Salito flavour they consumed.


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Pain Points

Needed ideation around product launch
Non-clarity on review data collection
Collecting feedback without interrupting user experience


Creative campaign idea to launch product
QR-code mapped data collection touchpoint
User feedback data including consented contacts

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