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How to Make Yam and Onion Sauce

Vegan recipe: How to make yam and onion sauce

A lot of people think being vegan is hard in Nigeria but that’s not true. There are several recipes that can be tweaked to match Nigerian meals that still meet vegan requirements. Today’s lunch inspiration is yam and onion sauce.

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Naija soup: How to make Banga soup (Ofe Akwu)

Our lunch inspiration is Banga soup or Ofe Akwu as it is called in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. Ofe Akwu can also be referred to as ‘Palm Fruit soup’. This soup is also eaten by people in the Niger Delta area. Here’s how to make Banga soup (Ofe Akwu).

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Naija soup: how to make Miyan Taushe

Hello, Talku Talku foodies! I’m excited to have you on this episode of Naija Soups. Our lunch inspiration for the day is Miyan Taushe. Miyan Taushe is a Northern soup that can be served with Tuwo Shinkafa or Masa (Waina)

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My Turn

Short Tory Podcast: My Turn

“Short Tory” is a weekly podcast of short stories that we produce every weekend on Talku Talku to help you relax and prepare for a chill weekend. Today’s story is “My Turn”.

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