Begging Question: When will women have equal access to opportunities without sexual requests in return?

After Chizom, the founder of Code Hub Africa Tech was given the sum of 1.5 million Naira by
popular Nigerian record producer and musician, Don-jazzy, to sponsor one hundred young programmers, he found himself being publicly called out on social media by revolutionary tech lawyer and activist, Moe.

This was based on allegations of him proposing sex to a 22-year-old young woman who ventured into his DM to inquire about acquiring a scholarship to be a part of his program. Backed up by screenshots and more women coming forward to show how Chizom had also solicited sex for career favours from them too, a conversation brewed on social media about just how corrupt certain gatekeepers of various industries are in their dealings with women and the gullible.

This brings the begging question for the day. Will people genuinely be able to access opportunities without having to pass through corners or give their bodies in return?

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  1. Bertha

    It’d be hard, sincerely.
    This has eaten deep into the linens of almost every institution in the country. Women can’t just catch a break!

  2. Tola

    We really need to educate the boy child that everything in life is not about sex …..

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