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Transforming Orders, Elevating Engagement: Beecan Foods

Beecan Foods, a Canadian catering business, faced the challenge of managing orders and inquiries via Instagram DMs. With TT Solutions’ help, they implemented a user-friendly digital menu, transforming the customer experience. Founder Blessing Ibok-Omeziri notes a 50% increase in efficiency and plans to leverage data insights for future growth.
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Blessing Ibok

Beecan Food's Founder

Discovery Session with Beecan Foods


TT Solutions Team

What areas do you believe would significantly simplify running and managing your food business?

beecan founder Blessing

Blessing Ibok-Omeziri

Founder, Beecan Foods

Managing customer inquiries and orders via Instagram DMs proved to be a time-consuming task, requiring us to manually sift through each chat room to note down orders and address specific requests or dietary restrictions. Despite the presence of pictures and videos on our page, customers still had questions, particularly regarding size, quantity, and serving capacity.

Based on feedback from past customers, there was a clear demand for a more streamlined ordering process, with many expressing a preference for a direct menu that would enable them to place orders and make payments without the need for direct communication with a representative.

Solution Review Session with Beecan Foods


TT Solutions Team

It’s been nearly a year since the implementation of your digital menu. How has it alleviated some of the challenges your business was facing?

beecan founder Blessing

Blessing Ibok-Omeziri

Founder, Beecan Foods

TT comprehensively understood our business needs and seamlessly digitised our menu through a user-friendly website. Our online menu now enables customers to effortlessly place orders while providing clarity on the quantity ordered and its suitability for their intended number of diners. Moreover, it facilitates effective sales and promotion management for our products.

A notable advantage is the menu’s ability to gather basic customer data, such as email addresses and phone numbers, allowing us to solicit feedback on orders, cultivate customer relationships, enhance satisfaction and service quality. Additionally, this data empowers us to engage with potential customers who initiated orders but did not complete them, helping to address any technical issues and encourage them to proceed with their purchase.

Furthermore, the inclusion of a “contact us” section within our digital menu has significantly reduced inquiries received via direct messages, streamlining communication channels and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Scaling Beecan Foods' Digital Journey


TT Solutions Team

How are you planning to scale your brand’s digital journey, considering the benefits gained from digitalizing your menu?

beecan founder Blessing

Blessing Ibok-Omeziri

Founder, Beecan Foods

Since implementing our digital menu, we’ve seen a significant improvement in order management, with a 50% increase in efficiency. Additionally, the structured data collection capabilities have provided valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. Looking ahead, we envision leveraging this data to launch loyalty programs, targeted marketing campaigns, and other initiatives aimed at enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


At a Glance


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Pain Points

Disjointed client handling and management
Unstructured order management
Managing multiple social media inboxes for feedback & inquiry


User-friendly and responsive digital menu
Digital payment option to add flexibility to user experience
Real-time updates to show menu items availability and price updates
Business insight and intelligence

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