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Begging Question: Would you cut off a friend or associate for the crime of their relatives?

You have heard the description, “ fair-weather friend". Are you one of those?

Friends are supposed to be good for you, and vice versa. What happens when that goodness is threatened (perceived or real)?

You might have friends or acquaintances whose relatives have broken the law. So, the crime isn’t committed by your friend, but a relative of theirs. Will you remain friends with your friend?

Would having a friend who has a criminal relative affect the way you relate with that friend? Would it be easy to trust him? Bassey thinks it shouldn’t matter.

It really shouldn’t matter, but we’re not wired that way. It’s hard to dissociate a bad name from others associated with it.

In a time where people are quick to cancel or cut off people for anything that may be incriminating, it makes you wonder if the punishment for one person’s crime should be meted on the rest of his family.

No… That’s Wrong and immature

King~Josh via twitter

This week, I’d like to hear from you. Would you cut off a friend or associate for the crime of their relatives?


14 responses to “Begging Question: Would you cut off a friend or associate for the crime of their relatives?”

  1. Cutting off a friend for their relatives bad doing doesn’t make sense. If everyone cut off their relationship with such friend, what do you think may likely happen to your “friend” — gradually slips into depression and boom you hear your “friend” committed suicide or gets hurt.

    We are all wired differently, provided you can verify to some reasonable extent that your friend doesn’t have knowledge of the crime, you being in their life will help ease the pain that comes with shame. And, possibly you could still try to get through to the relative that committed the crime, find out what informed such decision and maybe you could dissuade your friend relative from commiting more crimes in the future.

    We are all in each other’s lives for a reason. –Let’s make our presence in other people’s lives count. Most especially those we gave friendship badge.

  2. NOPE! I will only cut-off from my friend if he/she agrees with the crime committed and sees no wrong in it or was even an accomplice. Other than that, I see no reason to cut-off from my friend because of a crime committed by his/her family member.

  3. Truth be told, there is a limit as to how to relate to people with questionable characters. Dissociating from the family isn’t really the best idea, the fact still remains that no one wants to be identified with a bad character.

  4. I definitely won’t excuse whatever crime that person has committed but my friend is my friend and if he or she doesn’t have anything to do with the said crime then I wouldn’t cut my friend off.

  5. I’d give you the benefit of doubt first of all, and listen to what you have to say about the crime. If you end up actively defending it, then I know that you support that kind of behaviour and I’d to rethink my relationship with you.

  6. I won’t cut them off really, they are different people, they might be siblings or relatives but then it isn’t enough reason to cut them off.
    But some issues are kinda deep but even at that it isn’t worth it.

    My friend is my friend, I am not in a friendship with him or her with their siblings or relatives

  7. What was the crime? What is the implications of my association to the person (and by extension their family member)? This equation will give my answer.

  8. It depends on the crime. It’s a tricky one. If your relative has committed a crime and you defend it, you are likely to do the same to me.
    However, if you have openly dissociated yourself from that crime, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
    If I defend you one day, and it happens to me, I’ll be left to lick my wounds.

  9. As long as you are human, you will always care about what people say or think about you, even if you don’t show it. Having said that it’s human instinct to shy away from anyone or thing that will bring bad press. So I guess that answers your question.

  10. No, I won’t do that except that wrong act performed by my friend’s family is then supported by him/her and after seeing reasons with him/her he still stands by his view cos they are family.

  11. To be honest, people saying it’s immature are not being realistic. If you know someone whose father is a rapist, or brother is an armed robber, or sister is a trafficker, would you come out with your full chest to say you know that person?

    Life be as e get sha. That’s what me I have to say about this matter.

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