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The Nigerian Creative space is still highly under-served; a major Achilles heel to unlocking its full potential. In 2022, TT Creative Grant offers $1,000 per quarter to upcoming and underserved creatives to help enhance their creative journey. Application closes on the 30th of December 2022.

Why We Care

At Talku Talku we are deliberate about the muse that inspires creativity and are passionate to create key pillars that propel creativity.

As a creative company, we are focused on providing solutions that allow creatives and brands to think differently in their market space while delivering compelling results that drive key outcomes.

Propelling Creativity


Application process for the TT Creative Grant is pretty straightforward. Application is entered directly and cannot be administered via a third-party. Most importantly, the application is entirely free for all creatives.


Integrity is a core pillar of our brand and we demonstrate that by having independent panelists and ambassador review the application process, and help select a winner.



As a creative outfit, we understand the challenges of upcoming and underserved creatives. The TT Creative Grant is one way our brand positions to help amplify the creative space. 

how it works

climbing steps processes


To stand a chance, it is quite simple! Think through how the TT Creative Grant can help enhance your creative journey and make a strong case with the entries in your application.

climbing steps processes


Each application will be considered based on its merit, and how solidly the applicant is able to demonstrate how the TT Creative Grant can help enhance their creative journey.

climbing steps processes


The TT Creative Grant is a cyclical event with a winner selected each quarter. The selection process sees a combination of our external panelists and social voting.

Important Timeline


Application Closes

30th December, 2022

Ensure information and supporting documents are detailed, elaborate and compelling. Keep an eye on the deadline to submit.


Quarter Final

6th January, 2023

The top 10 most compelling and feasible projects will be selected to the quarter final stage, where they'll make their case through social voting.


Web Voting

11th - 18th January, 2022

Web voting allows the top 10 applicants to make their case and gain public support. Selected applicants are expected to create a one-minute video pitch.


Semi Final

19th January, 2022

The top 3 applicants with the most "like" from the web voting will be presented to our panelists for scrutiny, and selection of winner.


Announce Winner

30th January, 2022

Drum roll! The TT Creative Grant (second quarter release) winner will be declared on this date across all platforms.


TNS Subscription

TheNewspaperStand is a dynamic Nigerian company that provides digital replicas of Nigerian Newspaper and Magazine publications in a storefront (kiosk) like presentation. The final 10 applicants of the TT Creative Grant 2022 will get 6 months subscription of TNS Premium. 

Incredible session

Incredible Music offers the TT Creative Grant (second quarter release) top applicant with a music profile the opportunity to join their Incredible Session. The program includes a radio feature, photo shoot session and a slot to perform at the Incredible Session event.


Jude MI Abaga TTCG Amb. 2022 3rd


Jude Abaga, formerly known as MI Abaga with new stage name “The Guy” was born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He is widely heralded as Africa’s most commercially successful rapper.

M.I. ” The Guy” is famous for his commitment to innovation in producing and marketing his music, as well as showcasing young talents.

He first tasted mainstream success in 2008 with his debut, ‘Talk About It’. The album was a watershed moment for Nigeria’s hip-hop community, laying out the much-needed blueprint for commercial success selling rap in Africa. His ‘MI2’ album remains Nigeria’s best-selling hip-hop album.

His music was largely based on his experience as a kid from war-torn Jos and his immersive experience while earning a business degree from Calvin College, Michigan.

Beyond his music, “The Guy” is a brand favourite, holding Ambassadorship positions with brands like Globacom Limited, Martell, and Henessy.



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