The best wedding photographers in Nigeria on Instagram

Wedding photographers make love look even better. This post shows five of the best wedding photographers in Nigeria on Instagram.
The best wedding photographers in Nigeria

There is no better expression of love than marriage.

Making vows to stay together forever, committing to one another’s care, and totally giving oneself to another for life never gets old. And documenting the very special day when these wonderful sentiments are shared is none other than a photographer’s job.

It’s the month of love – belated happy Valentine’s day to you – and it’s the best time to celebrate those photographers who make us “single-pringles” always cry out, “God, when?”

Here are the best wedding photographers in Nigeria to follow on Instagram for more God when content.


Midephotography, aptly named “Nigerian Wedding Photographer” on Instagram has been capturing couples’ lovely moments for a long time now. He’s greatly trusted by some of the biggest event planners in the country too.

He makes love look even lovelier with his camera. Check out some of his works below.

Jide Kola

Jide Kola is a Toronto and Nigeria-based wedding photographer. He refers to himself as a wedding photojournalist on his Instagram. Couples who book him always keep him for the duration of their wedding planning, and he documents everything from start to finish.

He’s an award-winning photographer who also contributes beautiful wedding images for some of the biggest stock photo libraries on the internet.

See some of his works below.

You can also visit Jide Kola’s website to see his vast portfolio of amazing photographs.

Tonydoo Visuals

When you search on Google for “best Wedding Photographer in Lagos Nigeria”, Tonydoo Visuals shows up as number 1. This is how trusted this photographer has become in the wedding photography space.

Tonydoo Visuals is more than just a wedding photographer. Anthony Olanrenwaju, Founder of Tonydoo Visuals, has set his brand up as a creative design agency that provides a host of services. This makes his clout as a niche wedding photographer even more impressive seeing that he not only captures the beautiful moments of couples.

See some of his works below.

You can also visit Tonydoo’s website to see his amazing portfolio of wedding photographs.

Balogun Abiola

Balogun Abiola is a wedding photographer whose works have made me cry, “God, when?” a number of times. He has an eye for candid shots and captures them beautifully.

Grooms especially enjoy his work so much, because, on a day where the bride takes centre stage, Balogun Abiola always makes the grooms he photographs look just as good.

See some of his works below.



Teniolukayweddings has gone from a single photographer to an amazing team of dedicated wedding phographers who will storm your wedding and give it the papparazzi treatment it deserves.

Check out some of their works below.

These photographers are good examples to start if you’re looking for inspiration on how to make weddings memorable for your clients. Their styles are always evolving, and with them, your learning will never stop.

If there are any other photographers you think should be on this list, tell us! Our Instagram and Twitter handles are ever ready to receive your comments.

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