Short Tori Podcast: The Cleaner – A story by Kingsley Akuns

"Short Tory" is a weekly podcast of short stories that we produce on Talku Talku to help you relax and prepare for a chill weekend. Today's story is "The Cleaner".

The Cleaner follows the story of a young couple: the man, a lecher, and the woman, his enabler.

The woman starts to hate her role and the man tries to stop for the sake of their relationship, but after one last rodeo which ends up in blood.

Listen to the story below:

Narration: Chima. Story: Kingsley Akuns

If you enjoyed this story and would want to hear your story read on our Short Tory podcast, send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get cracking!



  1. Aminu Abdullahi

    This story got me curious at first, then confused. I hope there is more to it and a continuation.

  2. Phateemah

    He can dish it but he can’t take it? Hypocrisy pro. It has happened again? That went from 30 to 100 real quick. Interesting story.

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