Short Tory Podcast: Hard Guy

"Short Tory" is a weekly podcast of short stories that we produce every Friday on Talku Talku to help you relax and prepare for a chill weekend. Today's story is "Hard Guy".

A nice hangout with a beautiful young lady turns into an embarrassing moment for a nice young man after his irrational fear of animals kicks in and makes him pass out.

“Hard Guy” is a funny story every guy who has tried their hardest to impress a lady, and every lady who has watched a man they like get embarrassed can relate to.

Listen to the episode below.

Story and Narration: Chima

This is the 25th episode of our podcast and we’re grateful for all the love it’s been getting! If you’ve missed any episode, just click on the Short Tory category and catch up.

If you want to submit stories for reading, or you have a great reading voice and would like to put your story out there, send an email to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for listening!


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