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Short Tory Podcast: Dead Men Don’t Cry

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"Short Tory" is a weekly podcast of short stories that we produce every weekend on Talku Talku to help you relax and prepare for a chill weekend. Today's story is ''Dead Men Don't Cry''
Dead Men Don't Cry

On this week’s episode of the Short Tory podcast, we have the story, ”Dead Men Don’t Cry”

Death finally came calling for a widower after several years with the sad taste of missing his wife everyday.  Excited and hoping to reunite with his dead wife, this widower discovers a shocking revelation!

“Dead Men Don’t Cry” find out the reason behind this phrase. Listen to it below:

Story: Lord Emmanuel
Narration: Benjamin Edolo

Incase you missed the last episode of the Short Tory Podcast, click here to listen.

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