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Our multidimensional offers include the smart menu & reviews, living catalogue & digital activation, which create an immersive experience for your audience.

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Smart Menu

Make your business smart, give power to your menu, enhance customer experience, and earn their loyalty.

We provide you with a crisp and easy-to-use smart menu design, with more than five smart features, that allows you to notify customers of price and items updates, new stock alerts, and exclusive promos. You can also drive a mailing list from your smart menu and increase patronage from loyal customers.

Smart Reviews

We offer you a QR code operated funnel that allows your customers to share their experiences on the spot.

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Living Catalogue

We bring you a marriage between traditional media and augmented reality that delivers an enriched hybrid experience for catalogue and magazine consumers.

Digital Activation

Creatively activate your products and services through customer-focused digital and traditional marketing campaigns that will leave your customers with memorable first-time experiences.

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