Nigerian meal options for the different types of vegetarianism

Need ideas for Vegetarian Nigerian meals? Check out these meal options categorized according to the different types of Vegetarianism.
types of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism refers to a class of people that abstain from certain foods and subscribe to certain diets, and there are levels to vegetarianism that depend on the kind of diet or foods you choose not to eat. All the types of vegetarianism have been clearly explained in a post. This week, I’ve decided to take it a step further and provided different Nigerian meal options for the various categories. Enjoy!


  • Breakfast: Ogi or Akamu (pap) and Akara
  • Lunch: Sweet potato and veggie sauce
  • Dinner: Dodo(plantain) and beans


  • Breakfast: Smoothie and Avocado Toast
  • Lunch: Pounded yam and Efo riro (spinach)
  • Dinner: Fish pepper soup and Boiled plantains


  • Breakfast: Oats and Coconut milk with berries (optional)
  • Lunch: Fried rice and Tofu
  • Dinner: Boiled corn and Ube


  • Breakfast: Toast and scrambled eggs
  • Lunch: Basmati rice and carrot sauce
  • Dinner: Stewed beans and dodo


  • Breakfast: Fried plantain and yam with egg sauce
  • Lunch: Jollof rice
  • Dinner: Eba and okra


  • Breakfast options: Masa and Vegetable salad
  • Lunch: Yam porridge
  • Dinner: Grilled chicken and chips


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