The How-To Webinar is a solution-driven event designed to answer specific problems in the creative industry. It is an hour-long live hosted by Talku Talku in collaboration with a seasoned guest creative. 

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What we bring

We bring bright minds together to give talks that are idea-focused and on a wide range of subjects. In addition, these webinars provide a platform for knowledge sharing with valuable tips for creatives to foster learning, impact wise decision-making and inspire conversations that matter.

How To Successfully Manage Your Social Media Accounts As A Creative

This November, learn how to successfully use your social media accounts to reach your business goals. Find out how to create great content, achieve good engagement, increase followers, and most importantly, earn money.

How to webinar for equal opportunities for women

Upcoming Webinar

Equity is about providing the space for people to grow regardless of stage.

And this month is focused on the woman creative: to provide her with resources to strengthen herself in the creative industry.

One way to do that is by crafting a solid brand. So we got Adebola Williams, a creative storyteller, to guide females to equal opportunities in the creative industry.

It’ll happen live on our Instagram, so you can turn on notifications. Even better, if you register, you will get slides of everything she said during the webinar.


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