How to use Marijuana to relieve pain

How to use Marijuana to relieve pain

Hello, Talku Talku people! We will be discussing how to use Marijuana to relieve pain. Lately, I’ve had to deal with pain and it hasn’t been fun at all. Let me give us some context.

I was involved in an accident and I ended up having a cracked rib. Managing the pain has been incredibly hard. I could barely function and the painkillers we not helping.

The truth is that drugs do not always provide the relief you need and having to go about your daily activities in pain is not something I wish for anyone.

I was speaking with Fatima, a friend of mine and she also lamented about how she manages pain and how drugs do not do enough for her in pain management.

Fatima is a friend of mine who has Osteoarthritis. We got talking and she told me that she has had to resort to Marijuana in a bid to manage pain, although, it is medically prescribed Marijuana and she drinks it as a tea. This really got me thinking about how Marijuana has helped to alleviate physical pain.

According to in their article, “How to Use Marijuana for Pain Relief'”, Chronic pain is a huge problem across the U.S with a reported 25.3 million Americans suffering from pain on a daily basis. Going by this, it’s a no-brainer that a lot of people have subscribed to marijuana.

Contrary to the belief that marijuana is a bad thing, it is not. It is a traditional and medicinal treatment option that has been abused over the years. The abuse of marijuana has caused medicinal plants to be restricted and even banned in some countries. However, there are some countries that do not restrict the use of marijuana. We will be discussing how to use marijuana to relieve pain here.
How to use Marijuana to relieve pain


Marijuana can be used as a vaporizer especially for people who would like to have a smoky feel, but do not want to smoke. This is an effective medication for pain relief. Another upside to using a vaporizer is its discreetness. You can use a vaporizer in public and no one would know that you are using it because it doesn’t have that heavy scent that smoking would give you.


You can incorporate your marijuana into your brownies. Edibles are known for their effectiveness because they are being ingested. If you are experiencing severe pain and you need something that would last for a long time, eating edibles is the way to go. Although it takes a while for the effects to kick in, it lasts longer than smoking or vaping would. You might want to consider this option.


CBD oils are oils that contain marijuana and are said to be an effective way of relieving pain. This type of pain relief medication does not get you intoxicated. The oil is used to relieve pain from conditions such as arthritis, muscle soreness, and multiple sclerosis (MS). If you do not want to get intoxicated, CBD or THC oils are suitable oils for you.

Balms and Creams:

You can use marijuana-infused balms and creams to treat pains such as joint and back pains. Not many people like the option of ingesting, smoking, or vaping marijuana. For people who need to manage joint pains and are not willing to ingest marijuana, this is the best option. The balms work when they are applied to the area where one feels pain. The balm is absorbed into the skin and relief comes next. The downside to this is that it cannot be used to treat all kinds of pain.

You can also try other ways of using marijuana to relieve pain. Fatima ingests it by infusing it in her tea, you could explore other safe ways that work for you. However, you should consult your physician when doing this. Please do not self-medicate to avoid addiction.

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