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Frosh Cafe: Eating right in the city of Kaduna

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It’s another Monday and as is our custom here, when we’re not sharing tips and solutions in the business world, we’re showcasing unique, solution based businesses.

I’m almost certain we’re all settled into 2021 and we’ve mostly done away with the extreme enjoyment vibes and are back to our healthy lifestyles (eating right, dieting, exercising, IF and all the works). 

If you’re in Kaduna, your diet doesn’t have to be ruined because you like to eat out. Frosh Cafe provides healthy alternatives for all cravings and “unhealthy” meals. From wraps to Shawarma, to sandwiches, to parfaits, the cafe provides healthy alternatives so you don’t feel like you’re missing a lot by going the healthy way.

Another unique service of the café is its breakfast offering. Breakfast can be delivered to your home or office or picked up. All you have to do is make a call or send a message on Instagram or WhatsApp. Their breakfast menu contains variations of the typical English breakfast.

Frosh Cafe is committed to wholesome wellness as they also host a weekly fitness session. Caring for the outside as much as the insides.

This cafe is your one-stop-shop for all-round wellness. Some of their products are shipped nationwide so, even if you aren’t in kaduna, you can partake of the yumminess.

If you’re in the city of Kaduna, stop by for some full bodywork.

How to order;

Visit their Instagram page or Twitter

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