DC and Marvel: Earth’s mightiest heroes vs the world’s greatest superheroes

Who wins in a battle of gods and superheroes?

“No one from the Marvel Universe or the DC Universe compares to Superman”

I saw the above statement in a forum and I flipped. I flipped because this level of blasphemy is mind-boggling. If you don’t know the difference between both, let me try to fill you in.

DC and Marvel comics are two publishing companies that make different types of comic books. Both worlds have been creating superheroes and gods for decades. From Superman (DC) to One-Above-All (Marvel), to Iron Man (Marvel), to Batman (DC), and others.

The debate as to who is better between both worlds has been on for as long as I can remember and it doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon especially since most of the comic book superheroes are now on screen. To answer this question, we need to properly, and without being bias, check comics, characters, movies (Animated Inclusive), TV-series (Animated Inclusive), games, and toys.

These elements will determine who is better. To say no one can stand against Superman is to drop every form of unbiasedness (bearing in mind that he was killed in the movie at some point). Thor will tear superman into 2 halves with his bare hands.

In a battle filled with gods and superheroes, it is difficult to say who wins the battle (Marvel) even in one-on-one combat. The results are highly unpredictable and such battles will only bring destruction to our planet so we’d rather not find out.

Are you #TeamJusticeLeague or #TeamAvengers?

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