Rodney Omeokachie | Talku Talku


  1. Steve Iwuchukwu

    Hope you win this Sir

  2. seunawotobi

    I pray you win this. All the best, Young God.

  3. Isah

    The Young God for the win 🥇

  4. Chisomifeakandu Chisomifeakandu

    All the best Omeokachie! ❤️❤️

  5. Toyin Momoh

    At this point, congratulations is in order, bring it home mahn!

  6. Hafeestonova

    Wishing all the best bro..

  7. Amaechi Moses

    With all the Amazing work you do on your Podcast you Deserve this!

  8. Beka

    The man who made me believe a podcast could truly survive in Nigeria. Not to mention the topics that help me see things in a different light. Zero flashy hot takes… just genuine conversations

  9. Madam Young in Love

    Go Rodney! You deserve this.

    1. Uhchay

      Congratulations buddy.

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