Best Social Media Scheduling Apps to Try in 2021

These 5 scheduling apps can boost your marketing workflow and productivity.

Social media are amazing platforms for businesses. You can use them to create new leads, make sales, create awareness, network, drive traffic to your website, or keep in touch with family and friends. Managing all your social media platforms, however, can easily become overwhelming and time-consuming.

Scheduling apps help you to plan, automate, analyze, and better control your social media accounts. More than just scheduling, some of these apps provide you with analytics.

Some scheduling apps


This is one of the most popular platforms for scheduling. You can use it to schedule posts, receive in-depth analysis, and collaborate with your team members. It enables you to view multiple platforms at once and monitor what your followers are saying.


Planoly is an official Instagram and Pinterest partner. It was the first visual planner for Instagram – homegrown and beautifully crafted to be simple, clean, and easy to use. You can schedule, plan, and analyze


Buffer is quite straightforward, and the interface is friendly and easy to use. You connect your social media accounts and decide what times you want them published.

Sprout Social

Also very popular, Sprout Social provides social media management, marketing, customer care, analytics, and data intelligence solutions. It recommends posting times that improve engagement with individual posts across platforms.


Canva is amazing in that it allows you to design as well as schedule. You can even connect your social channels and publish or schedule directly from Canva.

So, stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks with these scheduling apps.

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