Begging Question: Would you sign a prenup?

A means of protection or a sign of mistrust? Conversations around prenup always generate mixed feelings. In this episode of "Begging Question", we bring the matter to the fore.

A pre-nuptial agreement, or prenup, is an agreement entered into by a couple – preferably in good time – before getting married, which sets out how assets will be divided if they divorce or the marriage is dissolved. Today, prenups are becoming increasingly popular, and celebrities aren’t the only ones signing them.

Most people have claimed that the availability of a prenup in any relationship shows a lack of commitment and trust in the relationship. I sampled opinions from a few people below are their thoughts:

Does asking your partner to sign a prenup mean you don’t trust them? Would you sign a prenup?

“Hmmm! The point of a prenup is to protect the other party in the case of a divorce, right? If a divorce is a possibility in our future, let’s not waste our time getting married. It’s as simple as that. We can cohabit, but no point in getting married only to get divorced later.” – Sosa

“I think prenup emanates from the issue of trust, security, and from the fact that people change. I would guard what I have which, ultimately, includes my sanity. I would sign a prenup because it also shows that it is not what the partner has but genuine love. So the question should be, do you love your partner enough to sign a prenup?” – Omolara

“I have always had problems with this prenup thing. It shouldn’t be in the equation in the first place. This already takes away trust from the marriage. So, my question is, why would I go into a marriage and be worried that one day one of us would leave? As in, one is going into a marriage that you know will not last? Why would I do that to myself? I feel it is bullshit. I think it is for those who see marriage as a contract. Is marriage a contract?” – Ayobami

“It was not so from the beginning of marriage! All the things that people do to secure themselves in marriage, while practical, also remove the shine and sweetness from the Institution. Vulnerability, mutual trust, and submission, with each other, is the hallmark of a great and fulfilling marriage. But when people have to put on various pieces of armor to protect themselves, they are not in marriage; they are on a battlefield!” – Olujimi

“Well, I understand if he asks me to sign a prenup because the world we live in now is wild. I wouldn’t like to sign one though but if he insists, then I will make sure the terms are fair. Since we are being objective and blunt, the terms must be fair and favorable for me too.” – Moyo

“Yes, that’s what it means (that you don’t trust them). There are no mincing words here. You expect ‘kasala to burst‘, so you buy an insurance policy. Marriage wasn’t designed to have insurance policies. In extreme cases, such as domestic violence or paternity fraud, insurance may be needed. Still, I feel only people who marry carelessly without every necessary check, or those who check but still can’t bring themselves to trust, will sign a prenup. I definitely won’t!” – Chima

Now over to you! What are your thoughts? Will you sign a prenup? I’ll love to read from you in the comment section.



  1. Ayomide spicy parrot

    Them ke? If I may ask, how many is this them? Lol

  2. Taiwo

    Prenup is very important in a relationship because it brings balance, nice write up

  3. Ojo eseosa

    Not really cool
    With the whole
    Prenup stuff tho..
    not nice to me …

  4. Mohziz

    In my opinion, Prenuptial agreement is a signal to a possible divorce in the future, a prenup will only breed uneasiness in a marriage making any move of the opposite sex suspicious.

  5. Olumide

    Hmm, i dont think its necessary. Why would i want to marry a lady i can’t trust. That’s the only condition that warrants a prenup. I’ll rather look for a lady i can trust with everything.

  6. Divine Ajagba

    Who ever initiated the issue of Prenups though, lol, anyways, I dont think It’s something I wants to do with HIM, I’m saying yes to him cus I love and trust him, a Prenup wouldn’t be necessary

  7. Moyosoreoluwa

    Omo, I don’t see any need for a prenup, though in this part of the world where we are it is needed but then why go into a marriage when you don’t trust your partner.

    Once you are married, you are One, whatever belongs to him is yours, there shouldn’t be room for division.

  8. Omolola Saliu

    I’m indifferent when it comes to prenups. I didn’t sign one it’s not so important to me but I feel everyone should do what works for them

  9. Sophiey

    In a country like Nigeria, where marriages have become a tea party affair, personally I feel the need to protect my hardwork and investment by signing a case, anything happens I have something to fall back to.

  10. Royal Himself

    Most reason why people get divorce is because they later find out they are not compatible or not enjoying the marriage anymore, sincerely I can’t sign the prenuptial documents because I will make sure I have all it takes to make my marriage works and find a good partner that we can build a lovely home together

  11. NanaH

    A lot of people this day only go into marriages just for their benefit. They either already have their eyes fixed on something and it’s just wise to stand on a solid rock like a prenup, whichever the case may be.

  12. Hope Amaka

    Though prenup is a controversial topic out there. But I think signing it is very beneficial.
    No one can foresee tomorrow. And instead of seeing it as a sign of distrust, couples should see it as a way of protecting each other.

  13. Jokanola

    Why won’t I? The divorce rates these days is alarming and one needs to be careful. What belongs to me, belongs to me. What belongs to you, belongs to you.

  14. Bassey

    I would ask them to sign a prenup no matter how I feel about them. You have to protect yourself!

  15. Benny

    It’s a logical decision to make. Life doesn’t always go as planned and if a marriage must go south, I think it’s best to have a mutual understanding long before it ever happens… Well hopefully long.

  16. Ayomide spicy parrot

    Signing pre-nups for me, makes me feel secure.

  17. Zipporah

    Signing of prenup does not necessarily mean the marriage will scatter or your partner will divorce you. It’s just like you affirming to the vow of I do, for better for worse.
    Therefore signing a prenup is not big deal

  18. Feisty

    Depends on the details of the prenup, if it is fair for the both us then I would sign.

  19. Coco

    If l need to signup a pernup,it should be done equally

    1. TTADMIN

      So everything both partners have should be shared equally?

  20. Stark

    The prenup has become the only Marriage insurance policy we have, so when things go south, everybody knows their benefits, (Marriage is basically business now).

  21. Akunsk

    To be honest, Prenups is seen as a dicey topic but I feel it’s something that needs to be discussed by potential married couple. I’m not against it or for it

  22. Blue Parrot

    Chima is 100% on the money.

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