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Begging Questions: Would you sign a prenup?

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A pre-nuptial agreement, or prenup, is an agreement entered into by a couple – preferably in good time before a marriage – which sets out how assets will be divided if they divorce or the marriage is dissolved.Prenups are becoming increasingly popular in our world today and celebrities aren’t the only ones signing it. Most people have claimed that the availability of a prenup in any relationship shows a lack of commitment and trust in the relationship.I’d like to hear from you.

Does asking your partner to sign a prenup mean you don’t trust them? Would you sign a prenup?

I spoke to a few people. See their thoughts below.”Hmmm… The point of a prenup is to protect the other party in the case of a divorce, right? If a divorce is a possibility in our future, let’s not waste our time getting married. It’s as simple as that. We can cohabit, but no point in getting married only to get divorced later.”-Sosa

“I think prenup emanates from the issue of trust, security, and from the fact that people change and I would guard what I have which ultimately includes sanity. I would sign a prenup because it also shows that it’s not what the partner has but genuine love. So the question should be, do you love your partner enough to sign a prenup?”- Omolara

“I have always had problems with this prenup thing… It shouldn’t be in the equation in the first place… This already takes away trust from the marriage… So, my question is, why would I go into the marriage and be worried that one day one of us will leave the marriage… As in one is going into a marriage that you know will not last? Why would I do that to myself? I feel it is bullshit. I think it is for those who see marriage as a contract. Is marriage a contract?”- Ayobami

“Omo, this one is hard oh. But I think if both parties make their own money then the prenup is needed. But if na grass to grace story dey for one of the parties, omo na war oh… If two of una no get in the beginning, then what is a prenup please?”- Bassey

“It was not so from the beginning of marriage! All the things that people do to secure themselves in marriage, while practical, also remove the shine and sweetness from the Institution. Vulnerability (Mutual Trust and Submission) with each other is the hallmark of a great and fulfilling Marriage. But when people have to put on various pieces of armour to protect themselves, they are not in marriage; they are on a battlefield!”-Olujimi

“Well, I understand if he asks me to sign a prenup because the world we live in now is wild. I wouldn’t like to sign one though but if he insists, then I will make sure the terms are fair. Since we are being objective and blunt, the terms must be fair and favourable for me too.”-Moyo

“Yes, that’s what it means. There’s no mincing words here. You EXPECT kasala to burst, so you buy an insurance policy. Marriage wasn’t designed to have insurance policies. In extreme cases such as DV or paternity fraud, insurance may be needed.Still, I feel only people who marry carelessly, without every necessary check, and even if they do those checks, still can’t bring themselves to trust will sign Pre-Nups. I definitely won’t.” – Chima

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