5 Awesome Effects Of Using Kayan Mata: Expectations And Reality

Kayan Mata

Kayan Mata is an aphrodisiac commonly known in the Northern part of Nigeria. Although, the news of its effectiveness has spread to other parts of the country. Kayan Mata is a Hausa phrase. Kayan means equipment or property while Mata means woman or spouse. Together, it means a woman’s equipment. Kayan Mata is believed to have the ability to tighten and sweeten the female private part. Whatever that means.Kayan Mata is literally the in-thing now.

A lot of women now patronize different vendors that sell the product, all in a bid to attract rich men. These vendors no longer hide their products. They now advertise it openly with no shame or fear of condemnation. Some believe that these products are spiritual. This belief has given the product a lot of bad press.

Kayan Mata

Types of Kayan Mata

Kayan Mata is what the general aphrodisiac is called but like any other product, there are different types of Kayan Mata. Here are some of the different types of Kayan Mata we have:

  • Zuman Mata

Zuman Mata is made from honey and it is used to make the vagina walls tighter. It is most effective when rubbed and massaged into the walls. It is believed to tighten the walls and amplify sexual intercourse between sexual partners. It is also believed to be effective in lubricating the vagina.

  • GindinAyu

The GindinAyu is another type of Kayan Mata but this product can be used by both men and women. Shocked right? You didn’t know men could use Kayan Mata too? Well, they do. Men use GinduAyu to boost their libido. This is most common among older men. GinduAyu is made from a rare species of fish. It is incredibly hard to find and the fish is called Ayu.The sperm of the fish is what is extracted and mixed with milk.

This concoction is taken by the women while the men take the dried, grounded powder mixed with milk. There is, however, a clause to this. The two people taking this concoction must be married to each other because this type of Kayan Mata makes sure your partner finds no other person asides you, sexually attractive. Wild right?

  • Tsimi Mata

This type of Kayan Mata is made from honey and herbs. This is a fast-acting aphrodisiac that can be taken a few hours before sexual intercourse. Some people mix the herbs with fresh cow milk and it works by making the vagina wet. Some people refer to this as the juicy pussy aphrodisiac. Forgive my language.

  • TurarenWuta

This comes in form of incense that women bend over when it’s lit. The things people do for sexual gratification. Wild! It is believed to help in preventing unpleasant odours and to tighten the vagina walls.

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Side Effects and Warnings

We really should be careful with what we put in our bodies. Here are some of the side effects of Kayan Mata:

  • Kayan Mata comprises herbal concoctions that have no particular dosage or expiry date. This is very detrimental to health. Medically, it’s not advisable to use these products because they do not have specific dosages or NAFDAC approval. Therefore, they have no expiry dates also. This is drug abuse and can leave a person destabilised or worse, addicted.
  • It can cause kidney damage and eventually, kidney failure. Because the product has no dosage instruction, it is easy to overdose on it without knowing it. Kayan Mata is a product that isn’t medically regulated. This makes it dangerous to health because no one knows the amount of chemicals coursing through the body. The toxic materials and heavy metals these herbs contain could most likely cause kidney failure or liver damage. The so-called rewards of Kayan Mata shouldn’t be worth risking your liver and/or kidney over. Should it?
  • Kayan Mata contains heavy metals and toxic materials that could most likely increase the risk of cancer. It could trigger and speed up the reaction of cancer cells in the body. Using Kayan Mata could increase your chances of getting cancer. Is it still worth it? I don’t think so.

Kayan Mata can be addictive, seeing that we do not have accurate measurements and dosage for the herbs. It could be very hard to wean one off these products. It is unsafe to use products that aren’t regulated by NAFDAC, the drug and food regulatory organisation responsible for making sure Nigerians consume safe foods and drugs.Please, help the government help you by not using products that are not regulated by them. If you have any problems with your privates, visit a doctor. You can get help the safe way. We care about your wellbeing.


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