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At Talku Talku we are focused on helping creatives and brands enrich their audience experience. We achieve this by demonstrating our originality and creativity through ideas, concepts and contents we produce in-house for our lifestyle and creative website.

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We extend a hand of know-how to creatives, businesses and brands.

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Our team of creative consultants are poised to ensure your brand deliverables reach you just in time to drive business outcomes.


Take advantage of our industry-specific solutions to enhance your audience experience and drive enriching engagements.


Need a smart solution for your project? With our diverse pool of creatives, we help take off the burden while delivering quality.

The diversity of our talented team and the strong know-how from our day-to-day content ideation to production means we understand exactly your pain-points, are able to easily grasp your requirements while bringing our original ideas to the table.

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Short Tory Podcast: Hard Guy

"Short Tory" is a weekly podcast of short stories that we produce every Friday on Talku Talku to help you relax and prepare for a chill weekend. Today's story is "Hard Guy".

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Evangelising the message of businesses and brands looking to solve real and challenging market needs through meaningful and value-adding solutions.



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